We use Vapormate 3 equipment which was designed for cleaning engine parts. It has a hot wash system and we run it using water, degreaser, and glass beads or baking soda. All aluminium engine parts are chemically stripped prior to vapour blasting, this removes all traces of oil and grease, decreasing the risk of media being trapped in inaccessible places. We have found this process to work well and highly recommend it. This process does not damage or remove any of the original features such as fettling marks or casting marks which makes it ideal for vintage motorcycle restoration. This process will not damage machined surfaces and can be used to clean delicate items such as carburetors and gives an 'as new' just cast finish.
Conventional air propelled glass bead is used when a softer approach, or a medium blasted finish, is required as opposed to grit blasting. This technique is used on delicate items such as handlebar switches, levers, alloy top yokes and carburetor bodies prior to powder coating. This technique is also used prior to polishing aluminium cases.
We only use GO7 chilled iron grit, which is a fine grade blasting medium. This works well on all steel items including frames, yokes, swinging arms, wheel hubs etc. Certain aluminium parts, at a lower pressure can also be treated this way, e.g. wheels, including car wheels, fork legs and footrest hangers etc.This grit will not damage parts or hide cracks in the way that a coarser grit potentially could do, and we thoroughly inspect every item before masking and coating to ensure there is no damage. Minor repairs we carry out for no cost and can fully brass braze just about any damage to an invisible when coated standard.
Vapour Blasting Booth
Before and after vapour blasting pictures.