We offer full refurbishment facilities for any form of wheel, be it car, bicycle, motorcycle or aeroplane.

Our wheel building services cover spoked wheels, with either stainless or galvanised spokes, rims either alloy, stainless or chrome. The alloy rims can be anodised, all rims can be powdercoated as can the hubs and the spokes themselves. We supply all rims new or can fully refurbish your existing ones.

Modern alloy wheels can be polished, powdercoated or a combination of both with a deep and shiny lacquer to give a superb finish. The range of colours we stock is very extensive and includes a number of specialist candy and metallic finishes.

We are one of only 2 companies in the UK to be able to offer the full restoration of magnesium-alloy wheels, e.g. Marvic, Marchesini, Campagnola, Dymag, etc.
This involves chemical stripping, glass bead blasting,crack testing, di-chromating, masking correctly and powdercoating.
Magnesium MUST be di-chromated before any paint or powdercoat is applied.