Griff's Generator Shovel. Well known around the Bristol scene since probably the early seventies, this bike in a number of previous incarnations, was Griff's pride and joy. Originally put together in the late '80's by Griff as a traditional style chopper it comprised a host of rare and hard to find parts that made it worth far more than the sum of it's parts. Crashed in '93 with damage to the springers and petrol tank amongst the more serious injuries he took it off the road to completely rebuild it. Unfortunately at the time of his demise in 2006 it was still in a million pieces, albeit with a huge quantity of even rarer components he'd collected, scattered all around his 1st floor flat!!
Having inherited the project, with according to his wish list, strict instructions not to change anything(!) I embarked upon the process of finishing his bike for him. Many hours and headfxxx's later I was left with a decision of paint work. Tucked down inside one of the tanks was a piece of paper on which was written "red with black flames." Ok, that set the parameters and we decided to remember Griff by putting both his initials, "MGJ-S" and the name "Rare Delight" in gold leaf. Two reasons for the name, the first due to the exquisite collection of rare and top quality parts he had accrued and the second..... well all of you who had the pleasure will be certain that he was indeed a "Rare Delight!!"


Dry Build    
Even at the dry build phase everyone just had to have a go! Pretty much as recovered from the flat.

Engine & Transmission  
Engine and Gearbox fully rebuilt by Adam and Steve. Everything new and or up rated.

Front End Springer    
Front End Springer. Not the original damaged one, since repaired and on the Road Rocket project, but an identical 1948 set fully refurbished.

Pinstriping by Del Whittaker, possibly the only deviation from the path of "not changing anything!!"

Paint & Finish  
Paint and Finish. Exquisite flame job and gold leaf work by Del again. All polishing, powdercoating and assembly done in-house.

A Grand Day Out...
Photoshoot for BSH December 2007 edition. Cover bike and centrespread poster. (Not the first time it was cover bike, as Griff had it featured on the front cover of "All American Heroes" in the summer of '93...hope you like it Griff?