During a chance visit to a classic bike show in 2004 with my wife, I remarked upon a very tidy GT750 "boiler." (Only known as this in Bath, Bristol and the surrounds, kettle everywhere else!) Unbeknown to me she then organised a nationwide search amongst my friends to find one for my 40th birthday present.
As revealed to a very shocked birthday boy in August 2004 it was in totally standard form, except for a noisy 3-1 exhaust (originals included.)
I decided to "up-rate " it in a manner which I would have liked to do when I was 17 but couldn't afford it. My argument to those who say "why not restore it to original?" is that if I had done that, then put it in a line-up of blue GT750A's, removed all the number plates and tried to find mine, which one would it be?!!
I am a big fan of modified motorcycles and this is my dream of a Suzuki boiler.....


Click to see the original bike.
Click to see the finished bike.